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With Gods Like These…


If knowledge is power, then gods we are.
The Riddler

The protesters on college campuses across the US have been called spoiled rotten brats. They’ve been called heroes. They’ve been called fascists. They’ve been called crybullies. But let’s put a real name on these people.

They are gods.

We live with a generation that has been told, from birth, that you can do anything you want to do, be anything you want to be. We live with a generation of people who’ve been told they are great no matter what. We live with a generation of people who believe the world should stop thinking — who say:

I don’t want to debate. I want to talk about my pain

Because “my” pain is more important than free speech, or your pain at being screamed at, called names, forced out of your career, and harassed. Like the oriental woman who was driven out of the “safe space” because she tried to make the point that anyone can be racist, and she’s a victim too.

How else can you describe a being who believes they should set the moral course of an entire college based on their feelings — regardless of anyone else’s feelings — than “god?” How else can you describe a being who believes that the entire job of a college administrator is to create a “safe space,” no matter the cost to education, or the people who actually work at the college, than “god?” How else can you describe a being that believes the First Amendment to the US Constitution should be ignored or eliminated in order to make certain the college creates a “safe learning space,” than “god?”

If these are gods, then who needs demons?

The problem is we’ve truly come to believe that if we have power then we truly are gods. But this reminds me of the old bit of folk wisdom: “If you gave me all of God’s power, you’d see just how fast I’d change things around here. But if you gave me all of God’s wisdom alongside his power, not much would probably change at all.” You see, it’s not power that makes us gods, for power without, without self-control, is not godlike at all.

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